Radon Systems Is Important For Your Home

Since the discovery of radon, radon systems have become one of the most important tools for homeowners in getting a healthy home. Radon is a deadly gas that can build up in the lungs and cause life-threatening health problems. It can make you feel sick and can even cause death. The EPA has warned that all new homes built since the mid-1990s should have a radon mitigation system installed.Radon is invisible to the naked eye, but it absorbs or emits rays of radiation at high levels. This radiation can be harmful to your health, even though it is invisible to the naked eye. The use of detection systems can make you aware of it, so you can keep your family safe from health risks.

Radon does not come from people or animals, but from the ground and rocks around your house. In some cases, radon is caused by natural decay processes. However, radon can be caused by humans as well, especially if the home was built using a high-grade clay tile. While the risk is low when there is no flaking of the material, your risk increases when the tiles are exposed to water for extended periods of time. Radon can seep into the masonry of your home. Therefore, you should think about installing radon remediation systems when purchasing or renovating a home to reduce your risk of illness. Radon is a common problem, especially in older homes, which may have higher levels of gas because the walls are not sealed well enough.

Radon systems are important in keeping your home safe. The radiation levels they emit can be more damaging than any other contaminant in your home. It is made up of tiny bits of uranium and strontium that are tiny but powerful. Even the smallest radon concentrations can cause nausea, dizziness, respiratory illnesses, as well as lung cancer. You should be aware of the risks radon poses to your health so you can get the most benefit out of the systems you install.Radon continues to build when left undetected for weeks or months and can take a greater effort to expel. Test your basement and attic, as well as other places where your family stores large amounts of items during the winter. Check the soil in the garden, which can contaminate food. It’s almost impossible to mitigate all radon gas without having the right equipment to detect and measure it. If you aren’t sure what to do, call a professional.

Radon testing is relatively inexpensive and fast to perform, so it makes a great investment in your health and future. Find out if you live in a high-risk area with a simple Google search and locate a radon system professional to ask questions.Don’t forget about your pets, the radon in their home can cause serious health problems for them too. If your pets like to chew on electrical cords, they are likely to come into contact with radon.