An Introduction to HEALTH.

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Shut up I never thought in a million years I would ever have to make a video addressing this supposed expert on my channel but his views and opinions have become so popular on the web I dread to think how many younger viewers or casual fans listen to this guy and actually take on board his opinions they are just completely absurd in my field than you have bizsugar in yours’re just getting started so on the top of my field so I’m off but I don’t think you’re the best to anything in sports this is a boxing gym I don’t really have the time to follow other sports like NBA or the NFL so take my hat off or skip for covering so many sports as it may be hard to be able to broadcast good insight for so many different things without making the odd mistake.

Here and there but when it comes to boxing this guy seriously needs to learn how to conduct himself in a more professional manner let me do my Bass vegan chicken don’t disrespect you to say something like that we are talking about Floyd May weather here the best fighter on the planet no that’s how has the sport of boxing got to the point where in the rare occasion it’s actually.Being hyped up and talked about on television this man is sat in the hot seat spewing out pure and like I said before for all I know he could be an expert on basketball and football topics and I’m sure they’ll be some fans of his watching this that could let me know.

At the most horrific and cringe-worthy injuries suffered by athletes.However,we’re not including injuries resulting in death,nor are we including those injuries suffered as the result of malicious intent.As we already have those covered in our “Top Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sports” video.Some of these injuries are extremely graphic so,viewer discretion is advised.Hockey players are some of the most fearless athletes out there.On January ,Montreal Canadians forward Trent McClellan proved it,by dropping to the ice to block a slap shot from Philadelphia Flyers defense man Chris Therein.